Cowgirl Glam Corral Hot Pink Shimmer Tapestry Corset

Cowgirl Glam Corral Hot Pink Shimmer Tapestry Corset
Item# TT-BI-16

Product Description

Cowgirl Glam Corral Hot Pink Shimmer Tapestry Corset
Cowgirl Glam Corral Hot Pink Shimmer Tapestry Corset

20 Flexible spiral steel stays

Steel busk

4 Steel bars supporting the back grommets

2 Steel bars adjacent to the front busk.

3 Layers of fabric: 2 inner layers of high quality cotton.

Middle layer laminated to outer layer for extra strength.

Waist tape

Four garter loops (garter straps not available)

Laced with pink ribbon


Center front: 11-12 inches with a 10 inch busk

Side length: 9 3/4 - 10 1/2 inches

Center back: 12 1/4 - 13 inches

Underbust to hip: 9 1/2 - 10 inches

Corset Size Chart:

To find your corset size you'll need to measure your waist from just above your navel and then subtract three inches from your results.

Example: Waist = 29" 29 3 = Corset Size 26.

If your underbust is 1" more than, or less than, your waist measurement you'll need to go down one size.

If you end up with an odd number then round down to the next even number.

Example if your under bust is only 1" more, or less than, your waist: Waist is 29" Under bust is 30" (or less) 29 - 3 = 26 Now drop an entire size: corset size = 24

Natural Waist=Corset Size

23 - 24 Inches = 20 Corset Size

25 - 26 Inches = 22 Corset Size

27 - 28 Inches = 24 Corset Size

29 - 30 Inches = 26 Corset Size

31 - 32 Inches = 28 Corset Size

33 - 34 Inches = 30 Corset Size

35 - 36 Inches = 32 Corset Size

37 - 38 Inches = 34 Corset Size

39 - 40 Inches = 36 Corset Size

41 - 44 Inches = 38 Corset Size

 photo 26745be9-81d0-4ec3-9adc-69306070b3e1_zpse2ed2992.jpg

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