Color Chart & Skin Tone Information

Color Chart & Skin Tone Information
Step 1: Identify Your Overtone

- Fair Skin Tones

You are very fair or have porcelain skin, and burn very easily. You may be very blonde and have pale eyes, or have very dark hair and a porcelain complexion.

- Light Skin Tones

Your skin is pale, and you burn and then tan. You might be pale in the winter and have a healthy glow in the summer.

- Medium Skin Tones

Your skin is of average tone, and you usually tan when in the sun.

- Tan Skin Tones

Your skin tone is darker, possibly of Mediterranean or other ethnic descent, and you tan easily.

- Dark Skin Tones

Your skin tone is noticeably dark, and you tan very easily. You may be of African-American, Latin, or Indian descent.

Step 2: Identify Your Undertone

You see your own face every day in the mirror, so why is it so hard to find that perfect foundation color? The reason could be that you haven't properly identified your skin undertone.

Skin undertones are surprisingly subtle, but getting it right makes a huge difference in how well your foundation matches your natural skin.

Technique #1: Natural Light Test In natural light, look at the inside of your forearm and wrist. If the veins are:

Greenish - you have a YELLOW or warm undertone.

Blueish - you have a BLUE/PINK or cool undertone.

Indistinguishable - you have a BEIGE or neutral undertone.

Paper Test

With clean skin in natural light, stand in front of a mirror with a white piece of paper, if comparatively your face appears:

Yellow/red - you have a YELLOW or warm undertone.

Blue/pink _ you have a BLUE/PINK or cool undertone.

Beige/brown - you have a BEIGE or neutral undertone.

It is important to note that your skin undertone remains the same throughout your life. Once you have yours figured out, you will be ready to select colors that complement you best!

More About Cool Skin Tones

People with cool skin tones usually have blue or grey eyes. Hair is usually blonde but can also be brown or black. Cool tones have definite blue and pinkish undertones and look best in silver jewelry and clothing colors such as blue, red, pink and purple, like those that match the deep colors of gem stones.

More About Natural or Balanced Skin Tones

People with natural skin tones can have any color eyes and hair. Skin undertones may be pink, olive or yellow. Those with natural or balanced coloring can wear just about any color and look good, including gold or silver jewelry.

More About Warm Skin Tones

People with warm skin tones usually have brown, green or hazel eyes and black, brown, red, auburn, blonde or strawberry blonde hair. Warm tone skin usually has yellow/peach or olive undertones and look best in gold jewelry and earth tones like browns, oranges, yellows, beige, yellow greens, cream, and off white.

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